Pediatric Chiropractic Care


Why do kids need to be adjusted?

I get asked this question all the time, and it always makes me giggle a little bit. Because before I found out how amazing staying balanced can help the body, I asked that same question. We are not taught the importance of keeping our nervous system and body balanced through childhood, so how could they also need to under care?

There are three causes of a Chiropractic subluxations, which is what Chiropractors are trained to find, and adjust to re-balance the body. TRAUMA, TOXINS, and THOUGHTS not only happen in adults, but kids as well.


The important thing to realize is that as the body grows, that alone is a large amount of physical stress on the body. Compromises in bio-mechanics can lead to trauma, that we may over look in the pediatric population. Think about how many times you see kids fall. And I am not talking about when they are trying to walk….because that is a whole different level of trauma that gets over looked because of the sheer will power of the toddler to accomplish their goals. Kids fall, they bang up against things, and their bodies are ever changing. That back pain or knee pain, or your body struggling to function as an adult had to start some where, and when you look at someones history it is clear. It starts in childhood. You just didn’t know it.

With kids we take an overall health approach. Addressing imbalances in the nervous system and teaching kids proper bio mechanics may keep them from childhood injuries, and set them up for a better functioning body through life.

When we are proactive with kids, we see significantly fewer injuries that lead to healthier teenagers, that grow in to healthy adults.


This sounds worse than what it actually is….well kind of.

When we talk about toxins we are talking about chemicals or substances that the body has to break down and get rid of in a normal daily process. But not just the normal byproducts of physiological function, but also all the additional stuff we now throw at kids.

We can start with breakfast. Is your child eating something with added sugar? Food coloring? How about added chemicals that we would never eat if we were handed a cup of it?

Our food choices can wreak havoc on our systems, and if your child’s system becomes overloaded and does not know how to handle all the excess, things begin to break down, and we find subluxations in the spine as the nervous system panics.

And that is just breakfast…..this is a widest area of conversation for kids and adults, and is nearly impossible to sum it up in this short of a page. So here is the food for thought. It isn’t that eating one bowl of cereal is bad, because things in moderation are not necessarily bad for your system. It is that your system is like no one else, and responds to the toxins in a world of it’s own. Minimizing your exposure is essential, but also helping the body bounce back when toxins are simply too much to handle helps repair and assist the body in the healing process.


Have you ever noticed how you can just see someone that is hurting? Their whole body shows the thoughts running through their head.

Thoughts have such an impact on the body. And you must address both sides of the issue, or they will forever repeat themselves. Counseling and repairing the body from the aftermath of the onslaught of mental destruction work incredibly well together. Have you ever been suggested to exercise to reduce stress? That is a great starting point, but unless the subluxations are removed, the body will continue to have a hard time healing. We address the physical side of the emotional issue. And will be glad to help you with finding a Councillor that specializes in your child’s area to help them grow into the best versions of themselves.


Rarely does a child have only one issue from above, but an awkward unique combination of the three “T”s. When you make your appointment we will talk about all three of the causes of a subluxation, and create a unique plan for each child.