Chiropractic Care


Balancing the Body

Chiropractic Care is an amazing way to balance the body, help the body heal itself, and give you the best system to conquer your day.

Laying hands one someone creates such a healing power in the body that we can not ignore the power. People are drawn to daily. As we have pushed away from human touch, our bodies feel the lack of health. There are many ways that human touch can heal! From massage to Reiki, Chiropractic care to physical therapy, and a simple hug. All of these are powerful tools.

The fundamentals of Chiropractic Care can be seen for thousands of years, yet we attribute today’s version of Chiropractic Care to just over 100 years in existence. In the past 100 years an incredible amount has been learned about this art. The beauty of Chiropractic care is it is not a one size fits all mentality. Instead it takes a look at each individual, their spine, their body and through touch directly impacts the nervous system and the brain. While many conditions will resolve with Chiropractic care, Chiropractic care does not treat any specific condition other than the bodies imbalance of the nervous system.

Unfortunately, pressure from those that do not understand how Chiropractic care works, and with limited ways to prove the effectiveness of Chiropractic care, people began to focus on pain reduction as the main focus of visiting a Chiropractor. After all it was palpable. If a patient had an adjustment, and their pain was reduced or alleviated altogether then there was a clear cause and affect. So this became the norm….for years.

For years the public and Chiropractors pointed to pain reduction as to why someone would be adjusted. We narrowed our focus. And lost the beauty of Chiropractic care’s true potential.

Luckily we finally have ways to prove and science to back what many Chiropractors knew all along. A Chiropractic adjustment directly affects the nervous system and the brain. And through the adjustment patients are able to use their innate intelligence to have a better balance through life.

Chiropractic care doesn’t treat a specific condition…it treats you.


Understanding Chiropractic Care